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Brazilian Coffee Beans from a Unique Fair Chain

Every Brazilian green coffee bean we put at the disposal of our customers is from single origin, selected terroirs, and only from the farms of our fair chain.


But this is not the only benefit we provide to our customers.


Differently from most of the traditional coffee players, we do not hunt the best beans no matter where they are from, working with different sources every crop. We do not agree with such procurement policy, nor use it, since the goal of such policy is only to seek for the best beans and not to establish a long term alliance with farmers. This policy does not improve coffee growers' life, neither allows them to have a better future, since the best beans are just a small share the farmers harvest every year.


Since it is scientifically impossible to find a coffee farm all of over the world able to produce only specialty and big sized beans, most of the coffee farms, for different structural means and facilities, as well as for environmental circumstances, always harvests and produces different sizes of beans and different grades of qualities.


Our alliance policy is, instead, to establish long term relationships and to find global customers for all the beans the growers of our fair chain harvest, so that they have a better profit not only for the specialty beans, but also for the mainstream batches and for the low quality grades, such as Rio beans.


Based on this fair chain policy we created, we are able to supply all Brazilian qualities and grades of green coffee, such as:

-     Specialty, Mild, Natural, or Pulped Natural;

-     Screens 17/18/19, 14/15/16, Mocha, or Grinders;

-     Rio, or 360+ Defects.

All green coffee batches from our farms are provided with official certificate of origin, and with official quality certificate (which, by the way, is mandatory, according to the Brazilian official rules for green coffee production and marketing).


With regards to packaging, in order to meet all kinds of roasters' needs, we are also able to supply our coffee beans in different options, such as 30 Kg bags, 60 Kg bags, big bags, and bulk containers.

Please feel free to contact us if you look for a coffee company, group able to provide Brazilian green coffee beans with a fair, full transparency system and added value for coffee growers and roasters.

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